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Timeless Elegance: Hunter Schafer’s Prada Perfection from 2013

Hunter Schafer’s Perfect Prada Moment

Hunter Schafer Had Another Perfect Prada Moment, This Time From 2013


The Stylist Behind the Iconic Looks

One of the most exciting moments of the just-wrapped fashion season was when Hunter Schafer’s stylist, Dara Allen, emerged on Miu Miu’s autumn-winter 2024 catwalk. Allen’s keen eye for fashion has played a significant role in establishing Schafer as one of the best dressed women in the world.

Iconic Fashion Moments

  1. Schafer’s feathered bralette from Ludovic de Saint Sernin

  2. The crumpled satin bra from Prada’s spring-summer 2009 archive

  3. The paint-encrusted body-con from Schiaparelli’s spring-summer 2023 couture

Leading the Fashion Trends

Hunter Schafer was also the first person to showcase John Galliano’s latest Maison Margiela Artisanal collection “in the wild” back in February, setting trends and making bold fashion statements.

Prada: A Symbol of Beauty and Art

“I love Prada because I think at its core it channels a sort of tender awkward beauty, which I feel very aligned with,” Hunter Schafer explained. “Prada has always seemed beyond the framework of trends and whatnot; it’s about the art.”

A Timeless Look from Prada

On March 6, at a pre-Oscars celebration in Los Angeles, entitled Vanities: A Night for Young Hollywood, Hunter Schafer stunned in a Japonisme skirt-suit from Prada’s spring-summer 2013 collection, styled by Dara Allen. Once again, Schafer’s fashion moment was nothing short of perfect.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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