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Top Picks: The Most Memorable Commercials from Super Bowl 2024

The Best Commercials of Super Bowl 2024

The Best Commercials of Super Bowl 2024

Super Bowl LVIII has arrived, and while the game itself holds a certain allure, it’s the glittering array of commercials that truly captures my attention. This year, the spectacle of advertisements has been particularly captivating, boasting an impressive roster of celebrity appearances that range from the charming to the utterly spectacular.

Highlights from Super Bowl 2024’s Commercial Breaks

Let’s dive into the commercials that have set social media abuzz, from Michael Cera’s delightful skincare pitch to Beyoncé’s mesmerizing Verizon feature.

David and Victoria Beckham for Uber Eats

Turning a meme into commercial gold, the Beckhams playfully address their wealth in this memorable Uber Eats advertisement.

Michael Cera for Cerave

In a nod to his role in “Barbie,” Cera brings his unique charm to Cerave, facial hair and all.

Cetaphil’s Swiftie-inspired Spot

A tearjerker for Taylor Swift fans, Cetaphil’s ad proves the power of a well-placed pop culture reference.

Judge Judy for e.l.f. Cosmetics

Combining wisdom with beauty, Judge Judy’s e.l.f. ad is a standout for fans old and new.

Martin Scorsese for Squarespace

Scorsese proves his versatility with a Squarespace commercial that could be mistaken for a short film.

Christopher Walken for BMW

This BMW ad is a reminder of Walken’s enduring charm and talent, making us all want to do our best Walken impression.

Tina Fey for

Fey’s comedic genius shines in this ad, positioning her as the ultimate vacation guru.

Kate McKinnon for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

McKinnon’s ad is both quirky and charming, featuring a talking cat named “Mayo Cat.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger for State Farm

Channeling his action-hero persona, Schwarzenegger’s State Farm ad is both nostalgic and amusing.

Aubrey Plaza for Mountain Dew

With her signature deadpan humor, Plaza declares herself “America’s sweetheart” in this engaging Mountain Dew commercial.

Star-Studded T-Mobile Commercial

Featuring a plethora of celebrities, T-Mobile’s ad is a who’s who of Hollywood talent.

Bennifer for Dunkin’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez bring star power and charm to Dunkin’s Super Bowl ad, with cameo appearances that add to the fun.

Jenna Ortega for Doritos

Channeling the mystery of her “Wednesday” character, Ortega’s Doritos ad is both intriguing and appetizing.

Scarlett Johansson for M&Ms

This M&Ms commercial utilizes Johansson’s star quality to deliver a message with a twist.

Beyoncé for Verizon

Beyoncé’s Verizon ad is nothing short of epic, with Tony Hale providing comedic support in a must-see performance.

Wrapping Up

The commercials of Super Bowl 2024 have once again proven that this annual event is about more than just football. It’s a showcase of creativity, humor, and star power that keeps us talking long after the game has ended. Which commercial was your favorite? Let us know!

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