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Travis Kelce’s Heartwarming Reaction to Taylor Swift’s Trendsetting ‘TNT’ Br

Travis Kelce’s Response to Taylor Swift’s Viral ‘TNT’ Bracelet

Travis Kelce’s Lovely Response to News About Taylor Swift’s Viral ‘TNT’ Bracelet



Recently, the jewelry designer behind Travis Kelce’s and Taylor Swift’s his-and-her diamond tennis bracelets announced a new, more affordable version of the look. The original customizable bracelets were priced at $5,680, but now a new version with a “paperlink” chain starts at $290 for sterling silver. Let’s delve into the details and the heartwarming response from Travis Kelce.

Michelle Wie West’s Announcement

Pro golfer Michelle Wie West, who collaborated with the designer, expressed her excitement on Instagram about the new version of the friendship bracelet. She mentioned the various options available and the ability to customize the bracelet with letters. Travis Kelce showed his support with a positive comment on her post.

Travis Kelce’s Response

Travis Kelce’s response to the viral moment of Taylor Swift wearing the bracelet was filled with enthusiasm. He left a comment on Michelle Wie West’s Instagram post with two raised-hand and fire emojis, showing his love for the design and the sentiment behind it.

Confirmation of Kelce’s Gift to Swift

The brand confirmed that Kelce gifted the bracelet to Swift, with the “TNT” nickname coined by Travis. The employees expressed their excitement for Taylor and Travis, considering the bracelet as a small part of their love story.

Origins of the Relationship

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce traces back to Kelce’s podcast mention of Swift’s concert in July 2023. Kelce’s gesture of friendship bracelets for NFL tight ends at Tight End University further solidified his admiration for Swift’s approach. This gift exchange embodies the essence of their connection.

In Conclusion

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s friendship bracelet exchange symbolizes the beauty of shared moments and meaningful gestures. The ‘TNT’ bracelet serves as a reminder of the power of connections and the joy found in thoughtful gifts.

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