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Ultimate Bridal Attire Guide: Pajamas, Dresses, and Robes for Your Special Day

Best Bridal Pajamas, Dresses, and Robes for the Big Day

Best Bridal Pajamas, Dresses, and Robes for the Big Day


Once you’ve found your dream wedding dress, the perfect shoes to go with it, and an after-party dress to change into after the ceremony, the best bridal pajamas should be next on your shopping list. Your outfit for getting ready or the sleepwear you pack for your honeymoon deserves special attention. The getting-ready process can be a lengthy affair, and memorable moments are bound to happen during this time. So why not wear something that makes the experience even more special?

Vogue’s Guide to the Best Bridal Pajamas, Dresses, and Robes

The No-Fuss PJs

  1. Lunya washable silk pajama set, $188

The Feathered-Ensemble

  1. Sleeper double feather-trim pajama set, $390

The Iconic Nap Dress

  1. Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress, $178

The Easy-Breezy Daytime Dress

  1. Dôen Ischia shirred voile dress, $290

The Wear-Forever Robe

  1. Petite Plume silk long robe, $268

The Sumptuous Lace Robe

  1. Eberjey Mademoiselle robe, $148

Pretty Pajamas

Ensure your bridal pajamas stand out by seeking special details. Lace trim gives a short-sleeve set a romantic feel, while feather trim adds a fanciful touch to long-sleeve and pants coordinates.


  1. Washable silk pajama set – $188

Petite Plume

  1. Mulberry silk short pajamas – $160


  1. Malou short pajama set – $148


  1. Party pajama set – $390

Morgan Lane

  1. Bride Katelyn pajama set – $436

Carine Gilson

  1. Lace-trimmed set – $726

Easy Dresses

Luxe white slips and nighties abound, but a simpler design will serve you best on the big day. Intimissimi’s delicately lace-trimmed silk slip and Dôen’s shirred organic cotton-voile midi dress are beautiful options.

Hill House Home

  1. The Ellie Nap dress – $178


  1. Boheme feather-trimmed midi dress – $290


  1. The cami slip dress – $85

Petite Plume

  1. Contrast trim nightgown – $84


  1. Silk slip – $99


  1. Cadel slip – $385

Romantic Robes

Layer a robe over PJs or lingerie before stepping into your wedding dress. Classic silhouettes with elegant details like lace-trimmed chiffon or embroidered silk charmeuse will look chic in your wedding photos.

Fleur du Mal

  1. Bride embroidered angel sleeve robe – $395

In Bloom by Jonquil

  1. Love Me Now robe – $54

Rya Collections

  1. Swan wrap – $198

Olivia Von Halle

  1. Mimi robe – $640

Petite Plume

  1. Silk long robe – $268


  1. The Mademoiselle robe – $148

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