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Unexpected Style: A Fashion Blogger’s Take on Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Album Drop

Surprise! We Got a Beyoncé Album Drop During the Super Bowl

Surprise! We Got a Beyoncé Album Drop During the Super Bowl


The Beyoncé Surprise

One of the few things that can eclipse the 2024 Super Bowl? A surprise Beyoncé album drop. The superstar teamed up with Verizon for a Super Bowl commercial costarring actor Tony Hale that was all about “breaking the internet,” going through various viral moments, both real (the Lemonade release) and imagined (Beyoncé running for president of the United States…which, yes).

Breaking the Internet

But it was the very end of the commercial that seemed to truly break the internet: As the Verizon logo appears, Bey’s voice can be heard saying, “Okay, they ready. Drop the new music.”

Drama Unfolds

The Beyhive was sent into a momentary panic as it took several minutes for Bey to share any details. But then, after what felt like hours (but was more like 10 minutes), we got answers. Beyoncé album Act II is coming out on March 29, so get ready!

First Two Songs Revealed

Bey also announced the first two songs, called “Texas Hold ’Em” and “16 Carriages.” Both songs are listed on her website, but the links don’t seem to be live for streaming just yet.

Stay Tuned

We’ll be on the lookout for more details on the Beyoncé album drop, and in the meantime, we’ll be listening to this clip on repeat.

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