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Unleashing the Dragon Within: Millie Bobby Brown’s Fierce Style Evolution

Millie Bobby Brown Is Much More Dragon Than Damsel

Millie Bobby Brown Is Much More Dragon Than Damsel

Millie Bobby Brown, the talented actress known for her role in the popular series Stranger Things, has recently embraced method dressing in a unique way. Instead of embodying her character Elodie as the damsel betrayed by her betrothed, she has chosen to channel the film’s fire-breathing dragon.

Embracing the Dragon

For the premiere, Brown collaborated with Nicolas Ghesquière to create a stunning custom Louis Vuitton dress that was intricately beaded to resemble dragon scales. Brown expressed that she wanted to embody the strength and power of a dragon, a stark contrast to the victim role she portrays in the film. She stated, “To be able to turn up to my premiere and be the dragon is pretty cool.”

Finding Self in Hair and Makeup

As someone who has spent much of her life portraying different characters, Brown finds solace and authenticity in the hair and makeup chair. She views this process as a means to connect with her true self and enjoy the transformation. Brown shared, “Being in hair and makeup, I want to be the most myself and give myself that grace to have fun and to enjoy it.”

A Playful Premiere Night

Despite it being her special night, Brown playfully switches roles with her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, by interviewing him from the glam chair. Their banter and shared moments add a touch of lightheartedness to the evening, showcasing their genuine connection and sense of humor.

Final Touches and Reflection

As they take a break to eat and relax, Brown and Bongiovi enjoy each other’s company while watching Love Is Blind. Brown humorously questions her appearance in the dress before heading off, highlighting her ability to balance glamour with a playful spirit.

Director: Gabrielle Reich

Director of Photography: Jack Belisle

Editor: Katie Wolford

Producers: Gigi Chavarria, Qieara Lesesne

Producer, On Set: Christie GarciaFilmed at Plaza Hotel, New York

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