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Unlocking the Secrets to Being Featured in the Member Spotlight Series!

How to Be Featured in the Member Spotlight Series

How to Be Featured in the Member Spotlight Series

Unlock the opportunity to shine in our coveted Member Spotlight series and share your unique fashion journey with our vibrant community.


Thrilled about the chance to be featured in our Member Spotlight series? You’re in the right place! Being part of this series is not only a fantastic way to showcase your style and story but also to connect with like-minded individuals within our community. Let’s dive into what you need to do to be considered for a feature on our site.

Submission Guidelines

Follow these steps to throw your hat in the ring for our next Member Spotlight feature:

  1. Complete the Information Form

  2. Full name

  3. Pronouns

  4. Location

  5. Member since

  6. Instagram and Discord handles (if applicable)

  7. Describe your signature look, favorite designers, fashion wish list, and share a fun fact about yourself in at least 3 sentences each.

  8. Provide 5-10 High-Quality Photos

Images should showcase your personal style or a captivating selfie. Follow our photo tips below to ensure your submission stands out.

Photo Submission Tips

  1. Quality: Send images in high-resolution to capture every detail.

  2. Framing and Lighting: Ensure you’re the focal point in well-lit surroundings.

  3. Assistance: A friend or a tripod can help achieve the perfect shot.

  4. Authenticity: We love seeing your personal style in its most natural form.

Need inspiration? Check out our past Member Spotlights to see what makes a submission stand out.

Submission Process

Email your completed form and photos to our community team. Remember, we receive a high volume of submissions, so if you’re not selected this time, don’t worry! We keep all submissions for future consideration.

Note: By submitting, you agree to our terms of use, including the publication and modification of your content across all mediums for various purposes.

Parting Words

We’re excited to learn more about you and potentially feature your story in our Member Spotlight series. Your participation helps enrich our community, and we’re grateful for your enthusiasm and creativity. Good luck, and thank you for being an integral part of our community!

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