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Unlocking the Secrets to Julius Michael’s Rise as the Hair Maven of Hollywood

How Julius Michael Became the Andy Cohen of Hair

How Julius Michael Became the Andy Cohen of Hair


The Rise of a Hair Guru

If you’ve ever tuned into Bravo, you’ll know that one of the few things reality stars agree on is, well, disagreement. That, and the talents of hairstylist Julius Michael. Born and raised in New York, Michael is a first-generation Italian American who has been styling the most notable reality stars of our time for well over a decade.

A Passion Turned Profession

From a young age, Michael had a passion for hair, helping his mom with box dye applications and eventually turning that passion into a profession. He worked at a salon in the city before opening his own salon in Scarsdale, New York, where he built up a huge clientele.

From Housewives to Hollywood

Michael’s big break came when Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge’s publicist reached out to him for a hair emergency. Impressed by his work, Judge booked him for an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where he transformed her look with custom hair extensions.

  1. His work with Judge caught the attention of other Housewives, leading to requests from Housewives in the tristate area.

  2. He eventually met Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards and was responsible for one of her biggest transformations by giving her a lob haircut.

The Andy Cohen of Hair

Michael’s schedule is packed, working in the salon four days a week and on set as much as possible. He is up close and personal with different Bravo-lebs day to day, showcasing his talent and building relationships with Bravo stars.

Behind the Scenes

Reunions are all-day affairs for Michael, where he works on multiple Housewives’ hair at once. Despite some creative differences at times, Michael has built the Housewives’ trust over the years, creating stunning looks for these reality stars.

A Happy Place

At his salon in Scarsdale, clients may even get to rub shoulders with their favorite stars while getting their signature Julius Michael beach waves. Michael ensures that his salon is a happy place, where being nice is key to avoiding any hair issues.

Written by Lindy Segal, a freelance lifestyle writer and editor.

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