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Unveiling Björk: The Exclusive Collaboration Between Spike Jonze and Arroz & Fun in LA

When Spike Jonze Met Björk: A New Show at Arroz & Fun in LA Gathers Never-Before-Seen Images of the Icelandic Icon

When Spike Jonze Met Björk: A New Show at Arroz & Fun in LA Gathers Never-Before-Seen Images of the Icelandic Icon


For readers of a certain age, seeing the names Björk and Spike Jonze together immediately brings to mind the musician’s iconic video for 1995’s “It’s Oh So Quiet.” The collaboration between the two artists resulted in a visually stunning and memorable piece of art that has stood the test of time.

The Exhibition: The Day I Met Björk

Creative director and restaurateur Humberto Leon, a long-time collaborator with Spike Jonze, stumbled upon a box of never-before-seen Björk outtakes while helping Jonze organize his archives. This discovery led to the creation of an exhibition titled “The Day I Met Björk,” which will be opening at Arroz & Fun on February 15. The exhibition showcases images from a shoot commissioned by Detour Magazine, capturing a young Björk in a candid yet confident light.

Excerpt from Jonze and Leon’s Conversation

An excerpt from a conversation between Spike Jonze and Humberto Leon sheds light on the day they met Björk and the experience of capturing her essence through photography.

Highlights from the Conversation:

  1. Jonze’s excitement at the opportunity to work with Björk on the “It’s Oh So Quiet” video.

  2. Björk’s warm and collaborative nature during the photo shoot at the Chateau Marmont.

  3. The organic and spontaneous nature of the shoot, capturing Björk’s authenticity.

  4. Jonze’s reflection on capturing Björk right before her album “Post” propelled her into a new level of fame.

Reflections on Björk

Spike Jonze’s and Humberto Leon’s conversation offers a glimpse into the world of Björk, showcasing her as a unique and captivating artist who exudes creativity and authenticity. The images captured during that day at the Chateau Marmont not only provide a visual treat for fans but also offer a deeper understanding of Björk’s essence as an artist.


The exhibition “The Day I Met Björk” promises to be a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the enigmatic presence of Björk. Through the lens of Spike Jonze, visitors will have the opportunity to witness never-before-seen images that capture a moment in time when two artistic forces came together to create magic.

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