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Unveiling the Emotion-Infused Runway: A Closer Look at Willy Chavarria’s Scented Collection

Willy Chavarria’s Scented Runway: A Symphony of Emotions

Willy Chavarria’s Scented Runway: A Symphony of Emotions

The Intersection of Scent and Style

At the heart of the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, moments before the unveiling of the Fall 2024 collection, Willy Chavarria shared insights into his innovative approach to the runway. With a playful grasp on a bottle of Parfums de Marly Haltane Eau de Parfum, Chavarria expressed his desire for a sensory experience that transcends the visual spectacle of fashion. “Fragrance and the olfactory senses are so important to the vibe,” he explained, emphasizing the curated ambiance he aims to achieve through scent.

Creating a World Beyond Trends

Chavarria’s collection, known for its bold tailoring and distinctive silhouettes, now incorporates an olfactory dimension, much like a musical composition uses unseen notes to evoke emotion. This season, attendees were not just spectators but participants in a multi-sensory journey curated by Chavarria and the nuanced notes of saffron and leather from Parfums de Marly’s Haltane.

A Personal Discovery

Unlike many designers who rely on partnerships for fragrance integration, Chavarria’s choice was personal and deliberate, seeking out Parfums de Marly himself. This initiative underscores a narrative of authenticity and dedication to creating a holistic experience that engages all senses.

The Scented Experience

The decision to hand-spritz the fragrance rather than automate its dispersion speaks volumes about the intimate and human touch Chavarria values. Each model, seat, and the air itself carried the signature scent, creating an enveloping atmosphere that blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity, much like the collection itself.

Beauty in Diversity

Backstage, the diversity of beauty was palpable. Makeup artist Marco Castro and hairstylist Joey George played pivotal roles in bringing Chavarria’s vision to life, from thin, highlighted brows to voluminous, character-driven hairstyles. The beauty look was a testament to the inclusivity at the core of Chavarria’s ethos.

Inclusivity: The New Exclusivity

“Inclusivity is the new exclusivity,” Chavarria remarked, highlighting the authentic representation of individuals across the spectrum of style and identity. This approach not only challenges conventional beauty standards but also celebrates the uniqueness of each model, making a bold statement about the future of fashion.

Final Thoughts

Willy Chavarria’s Fall 2024 collection is more than a fashion show; it’s an immersive experience that stirs the soul. By integrating scent into the runway, Chavarria not only sets a new standard for fashion presentations but also invites us to explore the deeper connections between our senses and emotions.

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