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Unveiling the Juicy Secrets: Leo Woodall Peels Back the Layers

Leo Woodall Would Peel Your Orange

Leo Woodall Would Peel Your Orange



Leo Woodall, the 27-year-old Londoner, is making waves in the entertainment industry with his captivating performances. From his role in The White Lotus to the upcoming Netflix adaptation of One Day, Woodall’s talent and charm shine through in every project he takes on.

One Day: A Decades-Spanning Love Story

In the Netflix adaptation of David Nicholls’ best-selling romance novel, Woodall portrays the character of Dexter Mayhew. Alongside co-star Ambika Mod, Woodall brings to life the complex relationship between Dexter and Emma Morley, spanning from 1988 to 2007. Despite initial differences, Dexter’s vulnerability and charm, portrayed expertly by Woodall, draw Emma back time and time again.

Romance Rumors and Off-Camera Chemistry

Woodall and his White Lotus co-star, Meghann Fahy, have sparked rumors of an off-camera romance, though they remain coy in interviews. Woodall’s on-screen chemistry with Ambika Mod is undeniable, with the actors forming a strong bond both on and off set.

Audition Process and Role Preparation

Woodall shares insights into his audition process for One Day, which involved flying back and forth between filming locations. His dedication to the role shines through, as he delves into the character of Dexter and his journey throughout the series.

Behind the Scenes

Woodall reflects on his emotional reaction to discovering key plot points in One Day, showcasing his dedication to his craft. From slipping a disc on a turbulent flight to preparing for challenging scenes, Woodall’s commitment to his roles is evident.

Hollywood Insights and Social Media Habits

Woodall offers a glimpse into the world of Hollywood parties and the realities behind the glitz and glamour. His candid remarks on social media habits reveal a down-to-earth side to the actor, from watching sandwich-making videos to navigating relationship theories like the orange-peel test.


With his talent, charisma, and dedication to his craft, Leo Woodall continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression with his performances. From on-screen romances to behind-the-scenes anecdotes, Woodall’s journey in the entertainment industry is one to watch.

Netflix’s One Day is available to stream on February 8. Emily Tannenbaum is an entertainment editor, critic, and screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

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