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Unveiling the Light: Seán McGirr’s Vision at Alexander McQueen

At Alexander McQueen, Seán McGirr Wants to ‘Let the Light in’

At Alexander McQueen, Seán McGirr Wants to ‘Let the Light in’


Inspiration from Lee Alexander McQueen

Seán McGirr, in the midst of final fittings for his debut show at Alexander McQueen, draws inspiration from the iconic Spring 1995 Lee Alexander McQueen ‘Birds’ collection. He aims to bring newness to the brand while injecting his millennial point of view.

Bringing Youthful Energy to the Brand

McGirr emphasizes the importance of infusing a youthful energy into the designs, reflecting the mix of youth culture in London. He aims to provoke a reaction with playful aggression, staying true to the DNA of the brand.

Modern Interpretation of Classic Elements

While maintaining the essence of the brand, McGirr introduces modern twists, such as a contemporary version of the notorious bumsters, offering a fresh and wearable approach to iconic McQueen styles.

McGirr’s Journey in Fashion

McGirr’s path in the fashion industry, from his upbringing in Dublin to his experiences in London and Tokyo, has shaped his unique perspective. His dedication to creativity and collaboration is evident in his approach to design.

Diversity and Creativity

McGirr acknowledges the importance of diversity in sparking creativity and welcomes discussions on the topic. His focus on maintaining a collaborative and inclusive environment sets the tone for his vision at Alexander McQueen.

Fashion as a Source of Inspiration

For McGirr, fashion should excite and inspire in an optimistic way. He aims to evoke feelings that are both twisted and uplifting, steering away from gloominess and focusing on creating a positive impact through his designs.

The Future of Alexander McQueen

As McGirr prepares for his debut show, the anticipation and excitement for the future of Alexander McQueen are palpable. His innovative approach and respect for the brand’s heritage promise a new chapter in the iconic fashion house’s history.

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