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Unveiling the Mystery: Did Jane Wade’s Fall 2024 Show Cause the New York Fashion Week Snow Sto

Did Jane Wade Manifest the New York Fashion Week Snow Storm With Her Fall 2024 Show?

Did Jane Wade Manifest the New York Fashion Week Snow Storm With Her Fall 2024 Show?

About Jane Wade

Jane Wade is a rising star in the fashion industry, with her eponymous label making waves since its launch in 2022. Hailing from Portland, her background in fashion and experience in notable fashion houses have shaped her unique design perspective.

Her Journey in Fashion

After studying fashion in San Francisco and gaining valuable experience at Levi’s, Alexander Wang, and Danielle Frankel, Jane Wade embarked on her own fashion journey. Her keen eye for utility and functionality in clothing sets her apart from other designers.

Design Aesthetic

  1. Focus on functionality and utility

  2. Preference for natural fibers

  3. Cool and neutral color palette

  4. Playful iterations of classic pieces

The Fall 2024 Show

During her fall 2024 show at New York Fashion Week, Jane Wade showcased her “out of office” gear collection. The show coincided with a significant snowstorm hitting the Northeast, adding a unique atmosphere to the event.

Show Highlights

  1. Incorporation of snowboard as a prop

  2. Use of denim, cotton twill, leather, and hand-knitted styles

  3. Color palette inspired by the urban landscape


Jane Wade’s fall 2024 show not only displayed her design prowess but also left fashion enthusiasts wondering if her collection somehow manifested the New York Fashion Week snowstorm. With her emphasis on functionality and her distinct design aesthetic, Jane Wade is definitely a designer to watch in the coming seasons.Stay tuned for more fashion updates and insights!

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