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Unveiling the Trend: Embracing Corporate Sleaze on TikTok

Corporate Sleaze Is the New Aesthetic That’s Taking Over TikTok

Corporate Sleaze Is the New Aesthetic That’s Taking Over TikTok

As remote and hybrid business models have made workwear vague and amorphous, the lines between casual and corporate style are increasingly blurred. The latest looks to be indoctrinated into the laundry list of niche style aesthetics? Corporate sleaze—an offshoot of indie sleaze—and office siren.

Gen Z Embracing Corporate Sleaze

Gen Z is turning to the past for style inspiration. If Rachel Green wore it to her job at Ralph Lauren in Friends season 5, it’s good to go. Think skinny glasses, loafers with knee-high sheer socks, and elevated basics in a palette of grays and browns.

Fall-Winter Fashion Week 2024 Highlights

Fall-winter Fashion Week 2024 saw the influence of the office siren in various collections, with shows like Prada, Retrofête, and Tory Burch sending models down the runway in business casual with an undoubtedly sexy edge.

New York and London Runway Trends

In New York, cult-favorite designers Luar and Sandy Liang celebrated the power of pleats and a structured silhouette. Across the pond in London, SRVC showed a collection aptly called Human Resource, paying homage to the corporate commute with asymmetrical blazers and deconstructed button-ups.

The Nostalgic Influence of Millennials

Millennials, especially those who frequented the late aughts to early 2010s party scene, may find themselves having fashion flashbacks with the resurgence of corporate sleaze. The look, embodied by Bella Hadid, harks back to a time when business casual was the norm, day or night.

Celebrities Embracing Corporate Sleaze

At Paris Fashion Week, Jennifer Lawrence made a statement in a three-piece suit, blending the structured silhouette with a sultry plunging neckline, showcasing the feminine edge that can be added to traditional office attire.

The Future of Corporate Sleaze

Will the trend of corporate sleaze continue to evolve, with clean girls adopting skinny ties, tights, and messy black eye shadow to a backdrop of MGMT tunes? The runways say yes. Stay ahead of the curve with these key pieces that will make you the talk of the office and the after-party.

Key Pieces to Shop

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