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Vanessa Kirby Shines as Sue Storm in the Highly Anticipated Fantastic Four Reboot

Vanessa Kirby Feels Fantastic About Playing Sue Storm in the New Fantastic Four

Vanessa Kirby Feels Fantastic About Playing Sue Storm in the New Fantastic Four


The Exciting Announcement

We always knew Vanessa Kirby was a powerful woman and actor. Now she gets her chance to be superpowered. An MCU Fantastic Four movie is finally in the works after years of speculation and fan casting.

A Brief Recap

Jessica Alba played scientist turned hero Sue Storm in the 2000s movies, which were fun if not particularly “good,” then Kate Mara took in the role in the 2015 film, which everyone kinda hated and decided didn’t happen. Here’s a full history.

The New Lineup

Fans and stans were excited and a bit surprised when Marvel dropped the news, on Valentine’s Day no less, that they had their new Four all lined up for a Marvel Studios film that will, presumably, tie into whatever phase the MCU is on when it comes out.

Vanessa Kirby’s Role

Since Susan, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman, was the very first female superhero created by Marvel, this makes Kirby a super-important addition to the canon. Vanessa Kirby expressed her excitement on Instagram: “Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. From our family to yours. Very honoured to take on Sue Storm, Marvel’s OG lady since 1961. I hope to do her justice. 💙”

The Cast

Alongside Vanessa Kirby, Pedro Pascal will play her love interest, Mr. Fantastic. Ebom Moss-Bachrach will play the rock guy, and Joseph Quinn will play the flame guy (okay, okay, Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing, and Johnny Storm, a.k.a. The Human Torch).

Fan Reactions

In the comments, people seem to be into it. “You’re ‘fantastic’ for the role,” reads one of the top comments. “You will do a fantastic job!!!! 🩵🩵🩵🩵🩵,” reads another. One pointed out that Jack Kirby, one of the cocreators of the characters, would enjoy her casting. They’re not related, BTW.

Vanessa Kirby’s Recent Work

Vanessa Kirby has recently played a slay villain in the Mission: Impossible franchise and was nominated for a 2021 Oscar for her role in Pieces of a Woman.

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