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Victoria Beckham’s Stance on Grandmotherhood: Why She’s Not Ready Just Yet

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On the Podcast: Victoria Beckham Is Not Ready to Become a Grandmother—Yet

We all gasped when the gorgeous Miuccia Prada cover dropped earlier this week, and now we’re back with another legend: Victoria Beckham. Our episode yesterday kicked off a short series on the podcast highlighting women we want to wear now—an undertaking that feels particularly pertinent given all the men who have recently been tapped to lead legacy fashion houses.

Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Journey

  1. Victoria presented her eponymous label’s first collection in 2008 with just 10 dresses, shown at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

  2. Initially met with skepticism, her designs were praised for the sophistication of their cut and fit.

  3. She made her mark in Paris in 2022, solidifying her position in the fashion industry.

Victoria Beckham’s Family Life

Chloe sat down with Victoria to discuss her brand, family, and Spice Girls legacy. Here are some insights from their conversation:

  1. Victoria’s outfit-planning habits reflect David’s, as they both lay out outfits a week in advance.

  2. The couple works out together, with Victoria being the harder worker at the gym.

  3. Memorable moments include the Beckham children attending fashion shows, with Harper sitting next to Anna Wintour with a matching bob hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham’s Legacy

From her Posh Spice and WAG days to gracing 32 Vogue covers, Victoria reflects on her impact in the fashion and music industries:

  1. She feels pride when she sees people wearing her clothes.

  2. She is honored by the Royal Mail’s release of Spice Girls commemorative stamps.

Despite living in the spotlight for a while now, Victoria remains humble and grateful for the opportunities and recognition she has received.

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