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Why the Delay? The Kansas City Chiefs’ Name Controversy Unpacked

Why Haven’t the Kansas City Chiefs Changed Their Name?

Why Haven’t the Kansas City Chiefs Changed Their Name?

The History of the Kansas City Chiefs

Before delving into the complexities surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs’ name, it’s crucial to understand the team’s history. The Chiefs were named after Harold Roe Bartle, the mayor of Kansas City from 1955 to 1963, who was affectionately known as Chief. Despite Bartle’s lack of Indigenous heritage, his interest in Native communities led to the naming of the team after him.

Evolution of Practices

As the Chiefs have faced increasing criticism for their name and associated imagery, they have taken steps to address these concerns in recent years. Efforts have been made to eliminate offensive imagery and cultural appropriation in the team’s promotional materials and game-day presentations. Collaborations with Indigenous communities have resulted in guidelines for athletes and fans to follow during events at Arrowhead Stadium.

Continued Controversy

Despite these changes, many Indigenous individuals feel that the alterations are insufficient. The perpetuation of stereotypes through team names and mascots can have detrimental effects on the self-esteem and social identity of Native American youth. The argument is made that the continued use of names like the Chiefs reinforces outdated perceptions of Indigenous people as historical figures rather than present-day communities.

The Call for Change

In light of recent events, such as President Joe Biden’s executive order regarding Indigenous rights and representation, the push for sports teams to reconsider their names has intensified. While the process of renaming a major sports team is complex and costly, the necessity of such a change is undeniable. Many hope that the Chiefs will eventually undertake this transformation, especially amidst their heightened visibility during events like the upcoming Super Bowl.

Potential Rebranding

While the decision to change a team’s name is significant, there is optimism within the Indigenous community that the Chiefs will make the right choice. Suggestions for alternative names, like the Kansas City Swifts, have been proposed, offering a more inclusive and respectful option for the team’s identity.

This blog post discusses the ongoing debate surrounding the name of the Kansas City Chiefs and the calls for the team to consider a rebranding in line with contemporary societal values and Indigenous perspectives.

the kansas city chiefs should change their racist name to the kansas city swifts. everyone would be happy. angels would sing — indian guy named preheat oven (@SexualAssailant) January 29, 2024

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