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Zendaya’s Style: The Tom Holland Effect

Zendaya Cannot Stop Bringing Up Tom Holland

The Unstoppable Love: Zendaya and Tom Holland

It’s easy to tell when a couple is truly in love because they cannot stop bringing one another up, unprompted, in every conversation. Exhibit A: Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Zendaya’s Adoration for Tom

In a recent BuzzFeed interview to promote Dune: Part Two, Zendaya was asked about the most “rizz” person in the Dune cast. While she jokingly mentioned herself, she ultimately declared her boyfriend, Tom Holland, as the one who embodies charisma the best.

  1. “I think someone who has beautiful charisma, not on the Dune cast, but…works for me, is Mr. Tom Holland,” Zendaya expressed, praising his ability to connect with people effortlessly.

Tom’s Affectionate Remarks

Holland reciprocates this affection by frequently mentioning Zendaya in his interviews as well. On the Smartless podcast, he referred to her as someone who has had a positive impact on his life.

  1. “I’m lucky that I have someone like Zendaya in my life,” Holland shared, highlighting the importance of her presence.

Even when asked about watching his own movies, Holland’s thoughts quickly turned to Zendaya, emphasizing the special bond they share over their past work together.

  1. “Zendaya and I will, every now and then, watch Spider-Man one and reminisce about being 19 and making those movies again,” he revealed.

In Conclusion

The undeniable love and admiration Zendaya and Tom Holland have for each other is evident in how they constantly uplift and appreciate one another in public. This couple truly must be protected at all costs.

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