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Zoey Deutch’s Dazzling Hair Evolution: From Brunette Beauty to Blonde Pixie Perfection

Zoey Deutch’s Dramatic Hair Metamorphosis to A Blonde Pixie

Behold: Zoey Deutch’s Dramatic Hair Metamorphosis to A Blonde Pixie


The Transformation

When you think of actor Zoey Deutch, what hair comes to mind? From vivid blonde money pieces to a shaved head and long dark waves with bangs, Zoey has rocked various styles throughout her career. However, as of this morning, all of those looks are a thing of the past. Zoey has revealed her stunning new bleach blonde pixie, courtesy of colorist Tracey Cunningham and stylist Bridget Brager.

The Inspiration

Zoey shares that her new hair is essential for her upcoming role as Jean Seberg in a Richard Linklater film. Inspired by Seberg’s modernity and iconic style, Zoey’s pixie cut captures the essence of the French New Wave icon.

The Process

The transformation from Frenchy bangs-and-waves to a New Wave pixie happened within a few hours, showcasing the talent of Cunningham and Brager. Zoey’s soft, golden blonde color was chosen to reflect Jean Seberg’s essence, using Redken Shades EQ 09N + half 09NB followed by an all-over gloss in 010N.

The Importance of Preparation

According to stylist Bridget Brager, preparation is crucial for such a major change. Maintaining a healthy scalp and having clear expectations are key factors in achieving a successful hair transformation.

Zoey’s Reaction

While Zoey has sported blonde hair before, she expresses that she feels more connected to her blonde pixie cut. She describes the experience as freeing and fun, embracing the change wholeheartedly.

Whether it’s for a role or personal preference, Zoey Deutch’s dramatic hair metamorphosis to a blonde pixie is a bold statement that showcases her versatility and willingness to embrace new styles.

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